We believe that great vocal technique gives an artist the freedom to express themselves effectively and safely for awe-inspiring performances and career longevity.

Great vocal technique begins with an eager student and an experienced instructor.

We can save you time, money and years of frustration with a singing technique that works and yields quick results.  Most students see a difference at their first lesson.

Are you straining for notes?

-Straining for notes will cause your voice to fatigue quickly, will affect your pitch, and possibly cause damage to your cords.

Are you getting hoarse after only a few songs?

-This is a clear sign that something is wrong.  An experienced voice teacher will assess your voice to determine if the problem can be addressed with technique, or if you need to see a laryngologist for a possible medical issue.

Do you have trouble staying on pitch?

-This is typically a technical issue that can be addressed with the proper guidance and some daily practice

Is your voice weak?

-There are several reasons for a weak voice including: lack of use and proper training, reflux disease, allergies, lack of sleep, and more.  If you are not suffering from a medical condition, our vocal technique can get you on the right path to a stronger voice.

Do you need better tone?

-An experienced instructor can guide you to shape your voice to your beautiful, natural tone, or the tone that suits your chosen song.

Do you have an obvious break area?

-We are born with one voice and it should sound like one voice.  Our goal is to train the voice back to its natural state of ease without interference from unnecessary muscle tension which causes breaks, pitch problems and more.

Is your range limited?

-You may have quite a bit more range than you think.  It’s all in the approach!

Do you run out of breath easily?

This too can be corrected with proper guidance through voice lessons and daily practice.

At your first lesson, your teacher will assess your voice to determine what your vocal needs and strengths are, then a workout will be developed for your voice with these needs in mind.  Your workout will be adjusted at each lesson to keep your voice developing in the right directions to help you reach your vocal potential.

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