It is my goal, as a voice teacher, to help you develop your voice to its fullest potential. Each vocal lesson begins with a vocal workout that is customized to the student’s needs and goals. With the right guidance and daily practice, your voice can be properly aligned and strengthened for a lifetime of great singing!

Virginia gave me one of the best hours of my life! And I can sing and speak better now. Really. Almost immediately. She is amazing. I may be less afraid at the microphone. She gave me a shot of testosterone! Thank you for making the connection. I feel like Amazing Grace: “I once lost my voice, but now it’s found. Was mute, but now I sing.” Bless you.


Virginia, Thank you! After 30 years of singing in club/bar bands, I can finally sing with ease and confidence once again! I’m not straining my voice at every gig now. I can even talk the next day. Amazing! It’s never too late, to learn how to sing. Correctly! You’ve proven that to me. In just a few short lessons, everything you taught and said to me, makes perfect sense. My vocal chords thank you.


Virginia opened her home studio in 1994, then expanded to Solana Beach in 1997, teaching in the Rising Stars Studio.  In 2006 she partnered with her husband, Joe Norwood, and formed Norwood Music Studios.


  • Speech Level Singing Certification – Approved to Level 5 by Seth Riggs 2015
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music from San Diego State University
  • AA Degree in Music from Mesa College
  • Monthly Teacher Training
  • Twice Yearly Teacher Intensive Workshops
  • Vocal Masterclass with Dr. Reena Gupta

Private Lessons

Virginia has studied privately with over a 17 different teachers, in several different methods including the Seth Riggs Technique (Speech-Level Singing), and the Lara Browning Henderson Technique.  Virginia continues her training through self study, private lessons, and monthly collaboration with other prominent voice teachers.


Live performance from 1981 – 2003, and 2010-2014, in various bands doing Rock, Top 40, Country, Blues and R&B covers and originals.  


Along with Joe Norwood, Virginia has written and recorded over 3 dozen original songs.

“I can save you time, money and years of frustration with a technique that works and yields quick results.  Most students see a difference at their first lesson!”