Music is a universal language. Over the last hundred years, the piano has stood the test of time and language. Learning this language can be a joy. But what surpasses that joy is the joy of passing it on to others.

We offer piano lessons for all ages starting at 8 years old to adults and any level of learning from beginners to professionals.

Are you finding note-reading confusing?

We use a system that clears up the confusion.  Instead of note letters, which are located all over the keyboard, first learn note placement. Then transition to letters. 

Are you too busy to practice?

Your teacher will help you stay on track and show you the most efficient way to practice to fit your lifestyle.

Do you find your lessons boring?

Your lessons will vary to include practicing note reading, memorization, theory, and for those of a certain age, a rewards system with a prize box and stickers. 

We provide a creative, well rounded learning experience with a variety of opportunities to keep learning interesting.

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